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Welcome to Summer Breeze Ranch, the home of Shamrock Artisan Goat Cheese.

"The sweetest, healthiest cheese with no goat aftertaste."

We have been raising Dairy Goats since 1972. We have been in the Cheese and Dairy business since 1983. We moved our business to beautiful Mendocino County in 2001.

Mendocino County is a wonderful pro-agriculture county that has welcomed our business with open arms and great enthusiasm.

We at Shamrock Artisan Goat Cheese are thankful for your support and are committed to maintaining a family farm and producing high quality artisan cheeses, as an alternative to industrialized, mass-produced, chemically altered foods. Your purchase is an investment in the future of safe and healthy food, in a day that has witnessed an unprecedented loss of family farms.

Our products are Farmstead, from start to finish they are made right here at our ranch. All our milk is from our goats. Most of the feed for our animals is grown on our property and any we buy is from our valley. The cheeses are hand made and hand packaged with the greatest care and the highest quality and safety standards.

We are environmentally friendly as well. The goats are fed the whey that is left over. They love it, it's good for them, and it means we don't have to dispose of it. All our cheeses are made with vegetable rennet and not from animal sources. We recycle the water used in manufacturing too. In short, we leave as small a carbon footprint as possible.

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Shamrock Artisan Goat Cheese

24225 Reynolds Hwy, Willits, CA 95490, US

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